Jan. 8th, 2009

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I want this. Just because. However, I think it would be an odd thing to be laying around my pantry.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Karen stopped her car in the middle of the road one day because she saw just a peak of wood in a dumpster. It was an awesome handmade solid wood rocking horse. I helped her pull it out of the dumpster and we brought it home. She whitewashed it and cleaned it up. Con really enjoyed it. When he outgrew it (read: rocked it so hard I thought he was going to kill himself) we gave it to someone else.

Also, I found a mighty fine Russian Blue Kitten trapped in a upholstered chair in the dumpster.  We named him Bodhi. That was a pretty good find. (Good think that tiny guy had such a loud meow- It was June and he wouldn't have made it another day in the Texas heat) He is a good cat.

We still have a neat big blue platter my sister found while dumpster diving in VA in the mid 70's.


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