Jan. 18th, 2009

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Inayah and I went to see Guy Forsyth at the Mucky Duck last night.

It was perfect. They were in rare form. There are a couple of videos of him singing the song "Play to Lose" on youtube.com, but none of them are the complete song. He starts the song, then heads off stage to meander through the crowd singing.  Apparently, people get how awesome he is and start recording then.  I have the whole song on video now, but it is dark as hell.

What you can not see is around the 2:00 mark, he is walking past the table, spots my camera, and moves in toward it and I move my camera closer to him and the crowd laughs. I was playing all cool, but inside my inner fangirl was squeeing with delight.

I also love when he plays the musical saw. It impresses me. I would love to give it a try. He is here playing the saw and singing one of my favorite songs, "Summertime".

After the show, Inayah and I went outside to the patio and I took a goofy photo of Guy, bought a double live CD, and Inayah bought her first Guy CD.

She is so pretty, no?

Then we met a nifty guy named Jesse and his friend, Murphy. I have no photos of Murphy. We exchanged jokes about prostitutes.


I also ran into this man named Vern who was my call table when I was waiting tables. We talked restaurants like we are both just eating our way across Houston. lol. His stutter was better than I had ever heard it. I was happy for him.

Vern watching Guy and company set up.

Inyah and I had planned on eating dinner at the Mucky Duck, but that wasn't really possible during the show, so we ended up at House of Guys.



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