Feb. 7th, 2009

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YAY! I was hoping I would be motivated to clean today. When I got home yesterday, the handyman was here. Karen scheduled him to come install the kitchen lights we bought 2 weeks ago.

Backstory: The guy we bought the house from did not have the best of taste. The kitchen is already small and ugly (except for the stunningly sexy  appliances we bought for it) He had at some point, taken down the kitchen light and replaced it with an ugly flourecent light that just hung from the ceiling by wires. It looked like something you would jerry rig in the garage. We always planned to do something about it, but 2 years later, we hadn't done anything. While I was laid off this summer, the light stopped working, but with the reduction in pay, we didn't really hop on doing anything about it. There is a ceiling fan at the other end of the kitchen with lights, and the stove has lights. It sucked though. It was dim and I knew we weren't really getting the kitchen clean.

Two weeks ago, we bought two really cute ceiling lights for $18.00 each at Lowes and a new ceiling fan for my room. Last night Arturo installed the kitchen lights and my ceiling fan. Total to have him install both was $116.83 (including parts). How stupid do we feel for having a dark kitchen since before hurricane Ike? Pretty foolish. We decided to stop dragging ass on our projects and start asking for estimates. We can probably afford more than we think we can.

My ceiling fan is beautiful and so whisper quiet. I am very happy with it.


I was excited to clean the kitchen this morning. I started and stepped away for a moment, and Karen started to clean some. I kicked her out. This baby was MINE!.  I am thrilled to have a fresh clean, bleached, sanitary kitchen. All appliences, floors, counters, cabinets, etc... are nice and clean and my hands are all dry and wrinkly.

Next: My bedroom!!

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Thursday night, Karen asked Con what time his classes started. He stated 8:30 AM and she asked if he wanted to go out to breakfast with her in the morning. He said that he did.

I woke them both up and left for work. Connor was waiting for her to finish getting ready, then went in to ask if she was almost ready at 7:00 AM. When she stated it would be 5-10 minutes more, he said that he was going to go ahead and catch the bus to school. When pressed, he admitted he wanted to just get to school and hang out with his friends.

He missed the bus and came back in. I think they briefly decided to go on to breakfast, then Karen changed her mind and said, " I think I am just going to give you a ride to school. Breakfast was supposed to be a fun time for the two of us, and I don't think sitting across from you for 45 minutes eating would be fun right now. You hurt my feelings." He didn't respond or apologize.

I was upset when Karen told me. Very disappointed. When I got home, Con had not yet arrived. Ten minutes later, he arrived with a bag with some chocolates from Keggs for her and a tearful apology. Apparently, he had been eat up with guilt all day long.

This makes me happy. I was worried that he didn't understand what a thoughtless thing he had done. She hugged him, told him the apology would have been fine, and that they were okay. She let him know that when HE wanted to go do breakfast with her, to let her know and they would make it happen.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Oh great. Here is where the crazy will really show.

I was afraid someone was under my bed, and if I walked to my bed, a hand would reach out and grab my ankle. To insure that wouldn't happen, I would jump from the bathroom door to my bed which was about 4 feet or so.

I would lay on the side of the bed that I landed on, then every so quietly would inch over to the other side of the bed to sleep. The reason was so the thing under my bed would attack the wrong side and I would have a chance to run away.

Also, at least 4 nights out of the week, I would plan my various escape routes in the even the house caught on fire. I would decide what clothes to throw up, locate the animals so I could grab them, and make sure I knew where my clarinet was.


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