Feb. 26th, 2009

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All the way into work and sitting at my desk (doing the chair dance) and rocking to Puto by Molotov

Porky's Aunt Robyn brought a friend over last night who might be interested in Porky. He volunteers with her at BARC and is a fan of pooches big and small.  There was no growling and biting like there was with the last person Robyn brought by. Porky for some reason just didn't dig the lady.  However, he was really digging Cody. Lots of kisses and playing. It will be hard to let Porky go. Don't get me wrong. I want him gone, but he is a great dog and soooooooooooo sweet. The longer it takes to find the right home for him, the harder it is to let him go. Part of what makes it hard is thinking that Porky will think he was bad or not wanted. He is so damn awesome.

Cody will come back over Sunday afternoon for final approval by Karen. We hope that he gets a puppy, too. Porky really needs a playmate. He does live where there are a lot of doggies that Porky can meet.

So everyone keep your fingers crossed for Porky.


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