Mar. 17th, 2009

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Do people really do that? I remember in school people threatened to pinch me for not wearing green, but they didn't. I am assuming the look in my eye of "go ahead. I DARE you" made them give it a second thought.

I would usually just point to my eyes and say, "I have some green in there." to excuse my error in neglecting to wear green for this stupid holiday.
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Okay, now I do not dig Adam Lambert. I am sick of that cheesy little girl and I want Adam to go away and hit Broadway where he belongs.

They did country night on AI tonight.

While I am not an Adam Lambert fan, I am a big Johnny Cash fan. He picked Ring of Fire. I groaned.

But wait.. it had sitars and he was bending his voice in a clever, clever way. This was like Johnny Cash meets Led Zepelin. I loved it.

And yes, I know Adam is a good singer. Doesn't mean I am not sick of him. Beyonce is a good singer and I cannot stand the sound of her voice either. At least that heifer isn't always winking into the damn camera.


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