Mar. 26th, 2009

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I overslept this morning and went to wake Con up. He was taking forever to wake up, which was annoying me because I needed to walk away and get ready for work. If he drags ass after he wakes, that is fine, he can be late to school and deal with detention, but I just need to do my part of waking him up.  

After I knocked on his dresser a 3rd time and called out for him to wake up, my sister called out from her room, "He is sleepy because he was up at 11:30PM watching hentai on the compter"  I said, "WHAT?!" and Con answered, "It is true." I just said, "You're an idiot" and walked back to my room.

He is a teen and curious and blah blah blah blah.. whatever. I get it. I swear at least half of what I am irritated with is his being so damn stupid. He isn't supposed to be out of bed after 10, he isn't supposed to use the computer without permission, and he isn't supposed to surf porn, but mostly, he isn't supposed to be stupid. My sister keeps wonky hours. She comes home early, leaves late, gets up in the middle of the night, etc. There is no reason Con should have thought Karen wouldn't get up and find him on the computer. She was asleep when I got home at 6PM. of COURSE she would be up around 11 or so.

Big dummy.

Sometimes I just want to slap him awake.


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