Apr. 1st, 2009

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Just NO! This is ridiculous.             It makes me want to punch them both in the face

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If you would, please, take a moment and visit this link (especially if you are in Houston). Read Rocco's story, and consider fostering a dog or cat. A lot of people aren't able to commit to keeping an animal forever, but maybe could handle it for a short time. You cannot imagine what it would mean to an animal to just be somewhere with a soft place to sleep and a little tenderness while waiting for it's forever home.

Edited to add : Robyn just got news that a lot of dogs are about to be put down today and tomorrow. If you are at all able to come adopt, please do.

Also, Robyn is AWESOME at pet photography. If you happen to have insanely beautiful pets and have not been able to capture just how stunning they are with your camera, you might want to send her a little note and hire her to help you out.

Here are some of her other photographs:


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