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I did my first volunteer stint at BARC this weekend. I really dig it and will be going back as many Saturdays as I can.

In addition to doing something that is needed, giving love, affection,  and scritches to these dogs, I got some much needed excersise by walking a fair share of Pitt Bulls, Chows, Boxers, and mixes of other large dogs. I was really feeling it later. There are some really wonderful animals there, and I really hope they find homes soon.

It is not that I just don't understand why someone would want to buy an animal from a breeder (I can do without all the inbreeding caused health and behavior problems) but it really does disgust me. There are hundreds of thousands of shelter animals killed each year, and I blame breeder buying and people neglecting to spay and neuter.

Pure breed argument doesn't stand either. I have two pure breed cats. One from Homeless Pet Placement League and one I found in a dumpster.  I get wanting a specific kind of dog. I personally want a yorkie. However, I will find one that needs to be adopted or I will get another dog when it is time for me to adopt a dog. There were some gorgeous purebread dogs at the pound. The two sweetest loving dogs were a Rottie (the largest one I have ever seen) and a Pitt.  

Next week, I am going to divide my time between walking dogs and playing with the cats.

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