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I am basically the only one on the planet that was not blown away by Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent last week. She has a lovely voice, but a lot of people do, and the only thing I thought was impressive is that she looked like a nutter, then sang so lovely. I listened to her sing "Cry Me A River" at this link and NOW I think she has artistry.(Still not anywhere near as good as Diana Krall or anything)

Clicky Here for a listen


and why is it such a damn shock when an unfortunate looking woman is talented? What the hell is wrong with people. There are ugly men all over the place being talented and great, but you get one damn woman without makeup and Spanx on the effing television showing some talent and all of a sudden she is Helen Goddamn Keller???!?! I read about her brain injury at birth. She was deprived of oxygen and is a bit slow. She isn't mentally retarded and we should be amazed that she can form words and read music. This is a grown woman that worked in a church and took care of her dying mother. Obviously, she is pretty capable.
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