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Yay!!! It arrived (boooo! for the dumbass that bought it off of ebay without noticing it was coming from Japan)

When I opened it, I thought, "holy crap! Those Asian people do not eat very much." Would explain why I am fat and they aren't. Actually, this tiny little box held a perfect amount to fill me up at lunch, not be cumbersome, and not so much food that I was sleepy afterwards.

On the top layer, I packed in rice and put two sheets of roasted nori on top. On the bottom, I put radishes, a round of baby bell low fat cheese and this thingy I made up last night. I have no idea what to call it except maybe a spinach cheese roll. I cooked a big pack of spinache and put some cream cheese, cayanne pepper, salt, pepper, and some onion flakes. I mixed that all together and spread it on an egg pancake and rolled it up burrito style. I often eat my lunches cold (I like plain cold rice just fine, and I usually prefer my stir fried tofu cold as well). However, that egg pancake/ spinach cheese thing was nasty cold. Warmed up, it was delicious. I was thriiled with my lunch, my bento lunch box, and my little food creation.

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livejournal was pimping this community [profile] eat_my_bento and I started looking through them. It seemed like a nice creative outlet while doing something healthy for myself as well.

I never cook. I am just not a natural cook. I need to. I am hoping it will help me see food differently. See it as something creative, ceremonious, and healthy to do for me as opposed to something to shove in my gullet and keep working, or eat quickly because my blood sugar is too low, or to munch while I am bored.

This is on its way to me as we speak.

Until then, I have been using a round container from Chinese food take out.

So far, I have made these lunches. (sometimes I ate the same thing 2 days in a row. 

I am not feeling any thinner or anything, but I do feel healthier than when I eat something else. Friday, I woke up late and didn't make anything, so I ate a veggie burger at work. I really like making my lunches (especially when I cook them).


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