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[Error: unknown template qotd]I have met minor celebrities here and there, but the biggest celebrity I met was President Bill Clinton during his first term. He was doing the race and sports talk at the Wortham Theater in Houston. I was with the Texas Young Democrats and College Democrats and we got invited to work with the White House advance team. I was lucky enough to get to be Wolf Blitzer's toadie for the day. As payment for our time and help, we got to meet Bill Clinton and have our picture taken with him.

I knew he was in a rush when he was coming through shaking our hands, so I wanted to draw attention to myself so he would talk to me, not just shake my hand and say. "Thanks." I had a button I was wearing on my waist that said, "Will Rogers never met Pat Buchanan" I moved it to my shirt. When President Clinton got to me, he stopped, pointed at my chest and said, "Heh heh. I like that." I was flabbergasted. OMG, the President was checking out my rack!!!! What a horndog! Then I remembered my button on my shirt. lol. I said, "Thank you." He asked when I got it. I told him I got it at the Texas Young Democrats convention the month before.

Afterward, We went to a BBQ place downtown to party and sing karaoke with some secret service agents (which by the way are generally HUGE men).


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