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Bodhi is doing well. He is gaining some weight. He and our home are flea free. Luckily we were diligent enough with the flea comb and the cleaning that we never got a flea problem from ol' dumster kitty.

He chases the other cats around and they chase him. He attacks and they squash him. He is unfazed by the buttkicking he recieves. Tough little guy. They are at times annoyed by him, but seem to enjoy someone to play with. Saffie has a chase partner for her 10 pm freakouts and Lena has someone to hold down and groom.

He is a snuggle kitten. He loves to curl up on my chest or in my neck and sleep. He purrs so loud. Unlike the other cats, he enjoys a good grooming brush session. His fur is starting to get nicer. His eyes may be changing from gray to green. Still very cute cat.

I spent the good part of my day here:

Goodness, I love my pool.

 I took some pictures for Fini in the pool. God love her for her faith that I wouldn't spaz out and drown our digital camera in the pool.  Maybe she forgot what a clutz I am. I took some pics of her garden angel.

This is her garden angel with the plant, "Devil's Backbone"


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