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Last Monday. I arrived at work to find my hard drive had crashed. I fed-exed it to our IT department in Austin. Daniel pulled an extra CPU out of the storeroom, but there were a few problems. It didn't have all the software on it that I needed to do my job, (Title Data, Data Tree) and there was some video driver missing and I could only use one monitor. It is near impossible to do my job with any kind of speed with only one monitor (gah! If I could only have 3!!) I worked with that for a day, then one of the abstractors went on a cruise, so I snatched her PC up and used that through the rest of the week while I was waiting for my computer to be fixed and shipped back to me.

This Monday, my computer had still not been returned, and I had to go back to the craptacular one screen machine. My boss's daughter was off for her birthday, so my boss called her and urged her to take the rest of the week off, so that I could use her computer the rest of the week. She agreed. Cool, I snatched her computer, plugged in and was back up and running.

I looked online at the status of my request to have my poor broken pc healed and returned to me. I saw that our office manager questioned the status and the message was that it was being imaged, then they would install my necessary software and the two IT guys coming to Houston would drive it down Wednesday. Yea!

Wednesday came. I saw them walking around and one of them had no idea what I was talking about when I asked for my pc. Fab. Around 2:30-ish the IT guys left, but took our copy shooter/ mail guy to the garage and gave him a PC to bring to me. Odd. I unhooked Steph's PC and when I was about to hook mine up I noticed that the pieces didn't fit. I needed VGA monitor ports and I was provided DVI and no adapter. This was not my PC. I think it was an after thought.

My other boss was getting really cranky that my time was being wasted and files weren't getting out and that the IT guys basically hightailed it out of there when he had requested that they service his machine before they left. (They will be back Monday).

Yesterday (Friday - almost 2 weeks since my computer croaked) I received my PC in a big box. When I opened it, my casing was all jacked up. I took photos and sent it to both bosses and the office manager. I didn't think it was bad enough to not work, but I wanted them to know I received it in that condition. The CD tray won't open however.

I plugged everything in, logged on and then fell out in a desperate giggle. There was no software that I needed on my PC. No Title Data, no Data Tree, and as I later discovered, no Adobe Reader, no Microsoft Office Suite. Not cute. Bosses were pissed. I just was annoyed. I was really in a mindset to get some work done. We have a lot of work coming this week, and I wanted to get the 19 filed I had done and sent on to the branch. Even if I go into work early Monday, I don't know if I will be able to get the Microsoft Office Suite installed by myself, or if the IT guy has to do it. Otherwise, I swear I would show up at 5:30 AM. One guy installed 2 of the programs, I installed some others, and now all I am missing is Office.

On the upside, My PC has a fresh new hard drive and when everything is installed and ready, it should zoom along beautifully.
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I am trying to find answers to the following questions.

  • How are street numbers assigned
  • How are street names assigned?  (in subdivisions and in the city)
  • Is it the same for acreage as it is for lot and block?

Anyone who knows the answer to this, or can find it, please respond. If you would, clickity here to let me know you have found it.

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So I get to work at 4:30 AM today. One of the abstractors is out on vacation. I am working overtime to do the job of abstractor so the files do not back up and I am just plain greedy and I want the overtime.
My friend was coming in at this time because she has to leave at 12:30 for Dr's appointments and didn't want to be short on time. I was all excited and ready to bust out a bunch of files.

I log into the system and fall out laughing. I call her extention and ask if she has tried to log into the Title Data system yet. It comes up at 6:50 AM. What the hell am I going to do for that time?

I grabbed a bunch of files and logged them into me. I ordered taxes and stuffed them in the files.

Still have an hour and a half left before TD comes up....

I have some surveys I could do and some clean up work on some files.

We didn't think this through.


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