Feb. 22nd, 2009

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Yesterday, Karen and I took Porky to play with doggies at his Aunt Robyn's house. After, we drove to the Williams Sonoma in Highland Village to get Caryn a giftie for her birthday (YAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARYN) Karen went in and I walked Porky around. There was a small store with full of pets for adoption. I inquired about using them to put Porky up for adoption. It is run by Furry Pals Rescue, Inc. The lady there told me to come back today at 1:00 PM when the woman that runs it would be there.

I drove Porky over and the first woman I spoke to seemed like she didn't want to even entertain the idea of it. Someone had just dropped off a dog to surrender and they were looking at a $700 vet bill. I explained Porky had a $700 vet bill that was all done and taken care of. We would take him back if no one adopted him and try again next week. Poor Porky. He was very upset that I left him. He is not going to travel well in a car after this.  Hopefully, someone will want him and I can just get his paper work from Banfield tomorrow.
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I can't help it. I cannot turn away right now. There is something on called High School Reunion. I think I am intrigued because this year will be my 20th high school reunion as well (though I am not sure how. I haven't heard a damn thing about it on the alumni site). I imagined my high school reunion being full of adult versions of the children I went to school with. I really want to see how people turned out. I especially want to see the geeks and shy people transformed into successful people comfortable in their own skin. I have names in mind and I will be so disappointed if I don't see them.

This show however? Half of them aren't acting like they ever grew up. I heard the "jock" say that high school was the happiest time of his life. SERIOUSLY?!?! This man had a wife and children!  There is the ugly duckling that showed up with breast implants and a hooker dress. I think the most disturbing thing was watching two men who saw her and didn't have warning bells go off in their heads. Instead they got all giddy. Really? That is sad.

I want to go to my reunion, but holy crap, does it send people back in time psychologically and emotionally or did some people stop growing after high school?

Another freak show is Cougar. yick yuck squick blecht!

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. I honestly do not have a problem with older women/ younger men or older men/ younger women. However, I am not able to put my finger on how effed up it is to have a show with a "cougar" and a bunch of 20-somethings vying for her affection.

I guess it would be gross if the male/ female roles were reversed.

When I think about it, the whole Bachelor/ Bachelorette show is gross, too.
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Today Porky was left for about five hours with Furry Pals Rescue in Highland Village in the store that used to be Sharper Image.

Unfortunately, he didn't get adopted, so he is back with us for the next week. They want us to bring him back next weekend to try again. Fini picked him up. When she arrived, someone was looking at Porky and he was giving them the sweet eyes and the hard sell. He wanted out of the crate and to go to a home. I know he wants to stay here, but he cannot. When the people moved to the side, Porky saw Fini and started his "get me out of here and take me home dance" *tappy tappy tappitty*

She shot this video while they were off getting his collar and leash so she could bring him back.

I love that you can see how healthy he looks now. He has put on at least 3-4 pounds. He is all muscular and beautiful now. I am so glad he made it through the heartworm treatments. I was really worried about him for a while.

Hopefully, next week someone will fall in love with him and take him to his permanent home.


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