Feb. 8th, 2009

Secret meme

Feb. 8th, 2009 05:06 pm
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Tell me a secret!!!!!!!

Comments are SCREENED......

Leave this on your page, and I'll share one of mine! ;)

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Good god MIA is so effing pregnant. She is onstage right now on the grammy awards show and it is her due date. Bless her heart. When I was that pregnant, I didn't want to do a damn thing.

I love Estelle and would have rather heard her song without Kanye screwing it up.

I have self loathing for the way I enjoy Kanye West the way I do for enjoying Eminem. He definitely has talant and makes history changing music, but he is a douchebag and I almost always yell, "Shut up!!!" at the television when I see him.

Also, his hair looks stupid. It looked stupid in 1983 when my classmates cut it like that and it looks stupid now.

Connor was listening to the Paul McCartney into and asked if they were talking about David Bowie. I said, "No, I think it is Paul McCartney."

He said, "Who is Paul McCartney?"

I yelled, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY??!!?!?!?!"

I think he was messing with me. He was not messing with me when he was 12 and asked "Who is Jimmy Hendrix?" but he laughed his ass off as my legs got weak with grief.

How awesome do you think Jennifer Hudson feels? She was nominated along with Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Boyz to Men and she won. She must have freaked.

I really wanted Jason Mraz to win Best Pop Male Vocal, but I like Mayer okay.

OMG-ing at Radiohead and the Trojan Marching Band. *swoon*

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