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Oh my goodness.. I have been laughing HARD for the past 10 minutes. HARD

Voldemort (okay his name is Robert, but don't say it out loud) is going to marry the cum dumpster. (I know my sister hates when I say that, but it is my little pet name for her, and if I wrote her name, no one would know what I was talking about. )

Whew! lol

Don't know if he knocked her up, or if they are getting married because he will live with her anyway (the foreclosure machine started on his condo), or if it is because she is the first dumbass to say yes, but this is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time.

My friend Tiffany suggest we throw her a bachelorette/ thanksfortakingrotdickoffthemarket party.

It is for real. They have a marriage license and everything (01-30-2008). Oh god, please don't let one of them screw it up before they go through with it.

Maybe she can help pull him out of the insane debt he is in with her secretary job.

oh, and for those that wanted a photo before here one is.


This makes up for any stress I have had lately. 30 minutes straight laughing.

Couldn't happen to two better people . :)


EDIT: THEY GOT MARRIED 2/23!!!! oh hell. I am lightheaded!! lol


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