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Porky (n.k.a. Paxton) looks SO HAPPY with his forever owner! Cody posted some pictures on facebook of his new son over the weekend. He gets a lot of contact with other pooches, and is leading a very active life with Cody. Porky looks GREAT!!! We miss him. I miss his tappity tappity cheese dance when I come home from work and his graceful running around the back yard. What an awesome dog!

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Someone was deleted off my myspace first thing this morning after I found this little gem in my inbox

" Science has explained nothing; the more we know the more fantastic the world becomes and the profounder the surrounding darkness"

That was it. Nothing more. Just that little piece of stupidity.

Remember that character that Damon Wayans played in In Living Color that was in jail and would spit a stream of made up or incorrectly used large words in attempt to sound intelligent? Yeah, I don't need him sending me messages via social networks.

Also, that should have been a period, not a semicolon.

Stupid head
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I love Current. I see the most out there things on this channel sometimes.  This was a nice watch after watching a whole morning about AIDS, orphans, and clean water issues in Africa. A rapping jelly donut as a palate cleanser.  
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I overslept this morning and went to wake Con up. He was taking forever to wake up, which was annoying me because I needed to walk away and get ready for work. If he drags ass after he wakes, that is fine, he can be late to school and deal with detention, but I just need to do my part of waking him up.  

After I knocked on his dresser a 3rd time and called out for him to wake up, my sister called out from her room, "He is sleepy because he was up at 11:30PM watching hentai on the compter"  I said, "WHAT?!" and Con answered, "It is true." I just said, "You're an idiot" and walked back to my room.

He is a teen and curious and blah blah blah blah.. whatever. I get it. I swear at least half of what I am irritated with is his being so damn stupid. He isn't supposed to be out of bed after 10, he isn't supposed to use the computer without permission, and he isn't supposed to surf porn, but mostly, he isn't supposed to be stupid. My sister keeps wonky hours. She comes home early, leaves late, gets up in the middle of the night, etc. There is no reason Con should have thought Karen wouldn't get up and find him on the computer. She was asleep when I got home at 6PM. of COURSE she would be up around 11 or so.

Big dummy.

Sometimes I just want to slap him awake.
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Okay. That was amazing. I am now an Adam Lambert fan.

just effing awesome

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There is a tomcat that has been hanging out in our backyard. He is awfully pretty and big. Apparently, he doesn't know he is supposed to be afraid of Saffie (just like the squirrels and birds)

He was walking by and saw Saffie at the backdoor and paused to watch her. Saffie pawed at the window like she does when the squirrels come to eat the feed out of the bowl we keep on the back porch. Karen took a little video.

Please ignore the two fold up chairs on the porch. They came out while we were cleaning a room and haven't made it back in.


Mar. 23rd, 2009 03:10 pm
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I know you're awesome. I just want to make sure YOU know why you're awesome. So tell me why you are awesome.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I would (and have) told. I would want someone to tell me. I cannot control how they react to it, but I think it is better to be able to live with myself than to keep a friend. I am not stupid enough to trash talk their significant other regardless of how I feel because if they stay with that person, they are likely going to have a hard time getting past whatever ugly things I have said about the person that they love.

If my friend chooses to stay with that person, there is nothing I can do about it, but I cannot live with having not said anything.
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Went out last night to Fitzgerald's to meet up with [ profile] iamgeekgoddess and [ profile] janedivided. Had a ton of fun being catty and being ulta surprised by really enjoying a performance by I-45. I had never heard of them before.

Patricia and JodyJody and AmyPatricia shooting Pictures of her manPatricia Jody and AmyPatricia and JodyPhotobucketAwww.. Patricia and Jason

We were approached by a random bar dude named Matthew who insisted that we take his photo and take photos with him. [ profile] janedivided of course managed to have his clothes halfway off before the first photo was shot.

random bar dude, MatthewAmy and random bar dude, MatthewMarilyn and random bar dude, MatthewJody and random bar dude, MatthewMarilyn and (yeah.. this pose was his idea)

Was a really fun night and I am thrilled I got to meet these 3 wonderful women in person.
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Thanks Dennis. This was an awesome find.

So much better than the original.

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Okay, now I do not dig Adam Lambert. I am sick of that cheesy little girl and I want Adam to go away and hit Broadway where he belongs.

They did country night on AI tonight.

While I am not an Adam Lambert fan, I am a big Johnny Cash fan. He picked Ring of Fire. I groaned.

But wait.. it had sitars and he was bending his voice in a clever, clever way. This was like Johnny Cash meets Led Zepelin. I loved it.

And yes, I know Adam is a good singer. Doesn't mean I am not sick of him. Beyonce is a good singer and I cannot stand the sound of her voice either. At least that heifer isn't always winking into the damn camera.
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Do people really do that? I remember in school people threatened to pinch me for not wearing green, but they didn't. I am assuming the look in my eye of "go ahead. I DARE you" made them give it a second thought.

I would usually just point to my eyes and say, "I have some green in there." to excuse my error in neglecting to wear green for this stupid holiday.
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Porky's Aunt Robyn sent us photos that Porky's new owner, Cody, took. Here is healthy happy Porky (nka Paxton) running with his mother's greyhound. I am very proud of Porky!

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Connor took a belt test today. This was for his brown belt with black strip for Kuk Sool Wan. He is now a black belt in training.
His title is Dahn Boh Nim. From now on his tests will be steps along the way to his black belt. Instead of being an hour long like they have been, they will be two hours.

Here is the video where he has to do a low spin kick to break the board.

Here is Con after having received his new belt.

And here he is posing with (a less than thrilled) Wiggy

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It was an amusingly painful watch. Jon Stewart had Jim Cramer from CNBC on The Daily Show last night.

At work, I have a big flat screen TV mounted on the wall in front of me and it has to stay on CNBC all day. That is eight hours a day of watching our economy tank and watch the crap on Capitol Hill. In the afternoon, I get the joy of Jim Cramer yelling and using sound effects like a schmaltzy drive time radio host. Usually I have the TV on mute. This is in part because I need to focus on what I am doing and a lot of the people on the TV make me want to yell and throw things at it. I did catch it live 2 weeks ago when Santelli's made his infamous rant on the floor of the stock exchange.

Santelli originally agreed to come on The Daily Show, but when the little birdie's in his ear told him that he probably shouldn't, he can canceled. Jon verbally eviscerated him, Jim Cramer, and CNBC on the following evening. I am used to seeing Jon and the writers be quick and smart, but it is a comedy show. It is almost easy to forget just how quick and smart Jon is. The first time I really and truly understood was when I saw him on Crossfire on CNN and he handed Tucker Carlson his ass.

Cramer came on the show and apparently understood the only way to handle this was to go belly up.

I really want to see Jon have Santelli and Rush Limbaugh on this show.

Lady GaGa

Mar. 11th, 2009 03:02 pm
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Is AMERICAN? Oh hell no. I had written her off as either some British or Europop crap of the minute.

*sigh* I wasn't aware anyone here had any idea how to make that shit.

And before any of the Brits on my list let their head go asplodey, I know you have awesome music there as well. I am fully in love with Jamie Liddell. That isn't what I mean. And I am not asserting that we don't have crap here. I am fully aware we have to claim Kid Rock and Nickleback. I just mean that the particular flavor of crap that is Lady GaGa is usually British or Euro born.
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I do not look like any celebrity now, but I used to resemble Monica Lewisnky.


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